Electronic Resources – Terms of Use

Access and use of many electronic resources (research databases, E-Journals, eBooks, eReference and eDocuments) provided by VCSU Library are governed by license agreements which restrict use to VCSU students, faculty and staff and individuals who use the library facilities (walk-in patrons).

Off-campus access to the Library's electronic resources is available for authorized VCSU students, faculty, and staff. Such access requires the user to log-in using a institution-supplied Blackboard username and password.

It is the responsibility of all authorized users to use these resources only for non-commercial, educational, and research purposes.

Inappropriate use of licensed content

Authorized users must be aware that licenses generally prohibit the following uses.
  • Using the resources for any commercial purposes
  • Engaging in systematic downloading, copying or distributing the licensed content using software or other automated tools
  • Redistributing licensed content to unauthorized users, e.g. via email, a website…
  • Downloading entire issues of E-journals or major portions of electronic books
  • Providing access to unauthorized users, e.g. those outside the VCSU community, this includes sharing passwords
  • Removing or altering a copyright holder's information
Note: Resources with are freely available to everyone and not subject to this use policy, although users must still abide by copyright law in using these resources.

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