Note: Over the summer, we have made some big changes to the library; this tour page will be updated soon!

First Floor

Reading Room
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On the first floor, the large central lobby is called the Reading Room. Here you can find the circulation desk, where you can check out books, headphones, laptop chargers, and many other items. You can also find our Popular Reading Collection, featuring new and popular fiction and non-fiction books and DVDs, as well as magazines, newspapers, and desktop computers with internet access.

Reference Room
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West of the lobby is the Reference Room, which provides provides a wide variety of seating for every need. Whether you need a comfy chair to read in, a long table for group work, or a standing desk to help you stay awake, you can find it here. A wide bank of windows provides plenty of natural light during the day, making this the most popular destination for students looking to study or do coursework.

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Second Floor

Reservable Study Rooms
Ramos Room Door
Ramos Room Artist Hayden Swanson
Ramos Room
Ramos Room TV

Two second floor study rooms, Allen 215 and the Ramos Room, may be reserved online for individual or group study.  The Ramos Room features a modern art installation by local artist and Professor Armando Ramos and VCSU alumnus Hayden Swanson, as well as a cable and web-enabled television and DVD player. Students are encouraged to reserve these spaces early, as unreserved times function on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Study Spaces

The Second Floor contains a number of study spaces, small tables, and study carrels for quiet, individual study. Students who prefer a quieter, calmer area to work will find the Second Floor suited very well to their needs.

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Lower Level

Curriculum Library
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Our Curriculum Library is housed in the Library's Lower Level.  This collection contains thousands of items appropriate for the K-12 classroom.  It's an excellent place to develop lesson plans, or get back in touch with your childhood.  Stop by to browse our Easy Fiction and Non-Fiction, Juvenile Fiction and Non-Fiction, Teaching Activity Kits, Lesson Planning Materials, K-12 Textbooks, and more!


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The stacks contain our general collection of books, ranging through four floors. Use the guide below locate items on each floor. (Keep in mind that there are four levels of stacks and only three levels in the rest of the building; the third floor of stacks is actually on the same level as the second floor in the main part of the library.)

Floor Call Numbers Additional Materials & Collections
Third Floor 000-372 Government Documents
Second Floor 373-809 Music Collection (Scores, CDs, LPs)
First Floor 810-820 ND Collection, Oversize, & Audiovisuals
Lower Level 821-999
Curriculum Library Easy and Juvenile Collections Activity Kits, Text Books