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The Virtual Tour

First Floor

Reading Room
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On the first floor, the large central lobby is called the Reading Room. Here, we have the circulation desk, where one can check out books and other materials. Throughout the lobby, one can also find desktop computers, one of which is connected to a scanner. We also have current magazines and newspapers here.
Reference Room
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West of the lobby is the Reference Room, which contains comfortable seating and a number of long tables for collaborative work.  Library users are encouraged to make themselves at home here, to bring food and drink, and to relax.  With its many tables, the Reference Room is used by many students as a study area, particularly if they like some background noise.  Of course, you can always stop by just to kick back, watch some TV on our Roku 3, and relax.
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The Library also provides many reference books as well, which can be read in-house or checked out overnight.  The online reference collection has grown significantly in recent years, which has given us more space to relax in the Reference Room!

Things may get a little loud here!  If you prefer quieter environments to study, you may want to check out the cool spaces we have designed on the second floor.
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Second Floor

The second floor of the library has rooms that one can reserve for classes, meetings or study sessions.
Quiet Study Areas
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The Library has recently established several “Quiet Zones,” including a new area on the second-floor containing study carrels and single-user tables. We ask that users respect the rights of others in these spaces by observing the following guidelines: Users will please refrain from conversation, telephone use, and the use of audio devices without headphones while occupying a Quiet Zone space in the Library. Users should also be willing to relocate conversations and group work to other spaces in the Library intended for those purposes.

Additionally, the Library requests that cell phones users respect the wishes of library users desiring a quiet location for study by changing the setting on their phones to a non-audible signal when in the Library, and by limiting telephone conversations in public areas.
212 Ramos
Ramos Room Door
Ramos Room Artist Hayden Swanson
Ramos Room
Ramos Room TV
212 Ramos may be reserved online for individual or group study.  The study room features a modern art installation by local artist and Professor Armando Ramos and VCSU art student Hayden Swanson, as well as a Web-enabled television and DVD player.  Students are encouraged to reserve this space early, as unreserved times function on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Study Spaces
The Second Floor contains a number of study spaces, small tables, and study carrels for quiet, individual study. Students who prefer a quieter, calmer area to work will find the Second Floor suited very well to their needs.
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Lower Level

Curriculum Library
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Our Curriculum Library is housed in the Library's Lower Level.  This collection contains thousands of items appropriate for the K-12 classroom.  It's an excellent place to develop lesson plans, or get back in touch with your childhood.  Stop by to browse our Easy Fiction and Non-Fiction, Juvenile Fiction and Non-Fiction, Teaching Activity Kits, Lesson Planning Materials, K-12 Textbooks, and more!


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The stacks contain our general collection of books, ranging through four floors. Use the guide below locate items on each floor. (Keep in mind that there are four levels of stacks and only three levels in the rest of the building; the third floor of stacks is actually on the same level as the second floor in the main part of the library.)
Floor Call Numbers Additional Materials & Collections
Third Floor 000-372 Government Documents
Second Floor 373-809 Music Collection (Scores, CDs, LPs)
First Floor 810-820 ND Collection, Oversize, & Audiovisuals
Lower Level 821-999
Curriculum Library Easy and Juvenile Collections Activity Kits, Text Books